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ISPI Corporation (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated as a private limited company under the umbrella of ISPAHANI Group of Companies.

With over 35 years of international shipping experience, we work hard to give you reliable service at the best rates!

Our company represents one of the leading Intra Asia Carrier in the region known as MISC Berhad.

We understand that sending your possessions overseas can be stressful, and we are here to relieve that stress. Our goal is to ensure that your international shipping process go as smoothly as possible.

ISPAHANI Group of Companies, having rich history of being a regional organization for more than 175 years. The group stands out as a diversified organization having interest in various industries like Jute & Textile, Tea, Tea Gardens, Shipping, Logistics, Construction, Trading, Chemicals, Aviation & Automotive.

Our Mission & Vision

  • We deliver value by our values.
  • We honour all commitments to our co-workers, partners and customers.
  • We continue to explore new ideas and opportunities to successfully achieve our goals.
  • We always respect our Principal’s corporate structure and reporting processes.
  • We treat our Principal, shippers, consignees with dignity and respect.